Marie-Julie Dieltjens

I graduated in Work and Clinical psychology in Belgium

I have a Master Degree in work psychology and an additional one in clinical psychology. I studied in Brussels at the Université Libre de Bruxelles and made a six months Erasmus exchange in Lille in France. Psychology is really a passion. During my studies, I specialized in topics such as happiness at work, team management, change management, conflict management, stress management, emotional management, burnout recovery and professional orientation and reorientation.

My title of psychologist is recognized in Belgium and I am referenced by the Belgian Psychologists Commission.

I believe in the benefit of a multi-dimensional approach because it allows us to see problems under different angles. This allows finding the approaches to which my clients are the most receptive. I am really into mindfulness, relaxation methods and other body-mind approaches. I keep educating myself and discovering different therapy styles in order to develop this truly integrative approach. In this regard, I also take part in Intervision groups.

I am a nomad

Since last year I’m a nomad and I was surprised to discover how big the need for support and coaching for ex-pats was. That’s why I decided to launch myself in the path of helping people (most of them nomads as well) abroad locally and online. Related to the nomad theme, I help people to redefine life and work purpose and to put meaning in their expatriation. I also help people to manage the stress linked to different life changes occurring especially in the nomad/ex-pat lifestyle with mental support and a holistic approach including also some relaxation, sophrology and meditation techniques.

I am a professional rider and trainer

My passion for sports psychology is maybe the strongest link with my other passion: horse and rider coaching. Last ten years, I worked with horses and riders of different disciplines and levels. I am trained in classical riding and I use a pedagogical approach based on natural horsemanship and psychology of the horse and rider.


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Member of the Psyexpat Network

Referenced by the Belgian Commission of Psychologists