My passion for sports psychology is maybe the strongest link with my other passion: horse and rider coaching.  Last ten years, I worked with horses and riders of different disciplines and levels. I am trained in classical riding and I use a pedagogical approach based on natural horsemanship and psychology of the horse and rider. Indeed, tools related to psychology, centred riding, Alexander Technique, mindfulness, sophrology, mental preparation and visualisation are integrated in my teaching.  My work helps the rider gaining a better understanding of the horse through a better body and mind awareness of himself and of his horse’s. This allows developing the rider’s feeling and sensitivity which are necessary to develop the feeling of balanced riding. Through a soft method, I help the rider to create a stronger partnership and bond between himself and the horse, making the team able to embrace new challenges and enjoy the work fully. Horse and rider’s body biomechanics, awareness and knowledge are also of huge importance to develop a sustainable and ethic way to ride.  I have always followed schoolings in order to improve my techniques and reflexions, for example lately with Pierre Beaupère but also with Hélène Arianoff and Alizée Froment, and will continue to do so. This is why today I work together with Konstanze Kopta to fine-tune my knowledge and techniques about the horse’s biomechanics.

Don’t hesitate to take a look at my blog and discover my riding philosophy: https://mindfulldressage.wordpress.com