How can I help you?

Mind full changes or mindful changes?

Is your mind overloaded with changes of all kinds due to work, life or expatriation changes? Do you have some difficulties going through those changes in a peaceful, serene and mindful way?

Having a mind full changes means you have the feeling that you are thinking too much and that you’re overwhelmed at the moment. Where a change was supposed to be a great challenge, it becomes complicated to manage. Then it’s maybe the time to take one step back and breathe to make an even bigger jump when you will be ready again. I can help you in making that step back, looking at what your actual situation is and how you could deal with it in a more serene way with the help of different tools.

In wich kind of situations am I able to help you?

I works with adults and adolescents

Personal situation linked to expatriation-diplomatic life

  • Difficulty to cope with your emotions
  • Difficulty to be in the here and now
  • Stress management-related problems
  • Seeking a purpose in your life
  • Communication and comprehension issues
  • Specific situations linked to expatriation and it’s challenges
  • Preparing a departure abroad or repatriation
  • Motherhood and expatriation
  • Exhaustion situations linked to expat-life
  • Loneliness, depressed feelings
  • Anxiety
  • Couple related problems
  • Emotional dependence
  • Domestic abuse
  • High potentials/Gifted persons

Work situations

  • Lack of meaning in your professional life
  • Desire to set up a new professional project to start an entrepreneur journey
  • Questioning about your professional orientation, desire to reorientate yourself
  • Skills assessment
  • Conflict situations in the workplace
  • Difficulties linked to intercultural communication
  • Work/life balance themes
  • Burnout, harassment, violence at work,…

Situations in sport

  • Stress management and concentration
  • Emotional management of successes and failures
  • Difficulties in team management/ conflicts…
  • Career reorientation

PS: This list is not complete, so don’t hesitate to contact me for some specific topics.