Music and mindfulness

The synergy of music and mindfulness: a workshop

About the concept

In our daily lives, we are often accompanied by music. Actually, we often listen to music every day when going to work, cooking, driving the car, doing some sport, studying or working. We like to create playlists that we love and which accompany our moods. Music has the power to awake emotions and souvenirs. We listen to music for the emotions and feelings it gives us. Music can motivate us, reassure us, and, sometimes, help us go through difficult moments of our lives or empower more happy ones. However, music is often a background noise that we don’t really listen to anymore.  Let’s ask ourselves therefore:

Are we still capable to listen to music for what it really is? Do we sometimes unconsciously pollute our experience with unrelated thoughts or judgments? Are we still able to perceive the richness of the sounds and sense the physical and emotional effects it procures us?

Music can give us intense emotions that make us this extraordinary feeling to live in the present moment. Therefore, music is a wonderful instrument to practice mindfulness. Likewise, mindfulness can help us rediscover the enchantment of music. Working Muse ( and Mindfullchanges, a musician and a psychologist, unite their creative forces to offer you the experience of music and mindfulness together in a workshop planned in summer 2020.

This workshop aims to help you rediscover the music, to listen again fully, to bring your attention to every sound, it’s color, it’s expressiveness, and so to ground you in the here and now.

More information to come soon…