I believe in the power of bringing people together and in collective intelligence. A group is more than the simple addition of its parts and can be a true motor to boost a personal change. Exchanging information, sharing personal experiences and exposing different points of view can be true motors of discussion and evolution. This is why I love to animate group workshops, discussions groups and support groups.

I organise different workshops on thematics linked to the “challenges of expatriation”: stress management, boosting our energy, building a project, emotion management, cultural communication, culture shock, self-confidence and identity, mindfulness,…

During those workshops I give the participants some theoretic background and tools to use in their daily life, we reflect on the way we function in order to become more aware of ourselves and our functioning. The workshop also gives the participants the opportunity to express themselves about some of their struggles in a safe and confidential environment.

I also organise support groups. The difference with the workshops is that the support groups are not resting on any tools or theory. The content is decided by the participants, the content is what the participants bring in the group. In those groups, I have the role of mediator and support and I will help the group to stay in a constructive dynamic in order that everyone can take some interesting keys of reflection back home. Those support groups allow participants to express themselves freely and with confidence in a confidential setting.

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PS: I also create tailored workshops on demand, don’t hesitate to take contact with me so that we can organize a great empowering event around different passionate thematic.