Psychological support and coaching

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The change makes us go forward but sometimes we might have the feeling that we are taking some steps back. In addition, the lack of change can give us the impression to stay in the same spot. Of course, Change can be amazing but sometimes it can also cause anxiety. In those moments of intense change or when you need a change, it can be useful to be supported by a psychologist supporting you through the challenges and difficulties you encounter.

Your Situation

Do you feel a bit lost due to all the changes you are going through or went through? Do you feel overwhelmed and exhausted by those changes? Do you have difficulties managing the stress linked to a change to come soon in your life? Does change scare you in any way? Do you have the impression you are never in the here and now, always thinking about what could happen or should have happened? Do you want to take some time to think about all of this and to be supported in your thinking? That’s why I offer private and/or group sessions.

What I do

My work is to support you help you in those changes in a more serene and mindful way. I help you to ask yourself the right questions and to adopt another perspective of your challenges. Also, I’ll provide you with some tools to help you to move on your own path and to deal better with a personal or professional challenge. We can even make a plan together and help you stick to it.

What People Say about therapy, coaching, and workshops with Mindfullchanges

“Individual and group sessions helped me a lot to move forward in a right way in line with my core values in my work and private life. I feel a lot beter. Change takes time. Mindfullchanges’s approach learned me a lot.”


“All the workshops learned me a lot. We not only learn a lot about ourselves but also about the way we function. We practice funny but not so easy exercices. This could help me to identify my personal challenges and this, without the necessity to share them totally in the group. Everyone has the choice to share or not with the other participants.”


“Thank you for this very interesting webinar and for sharing interesting ressources and keys to work on my self-confidence!”


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