Expat life can be quite challenging and demanding psychologically due to all the changes it provokes. I support expat adolescents and adults in their psychological challenges, in person and online. I also accompany expats on self-developmental pathways.

I provide help in the topics listed beneath:

Expatriation/ Diplomatic life

Difficulty to cope with your emotions

Difficulty to be in the here and now

Stress management-related problems

Seeking a purpose in your life

Communication and comprehension issues

Specific situations linked to expatriation and its challenges

Preparing a departure abroad or repatriation

Motherhood and expatriation

Exhaustion situations linked to expat-life

Loneliness, depressed feelings


Relationships related problems

Emotional dependence

Domestic abuse

High potentials/Gifted persons

Work/ studies related questionings

Identity, Sexuality, Gender transitioning

Work situations

Lack of meaning in your professional life

Desire to set up a new professional project to start an entrepreneur journey

Questioning about your professional orientation, desire to reorientate yourself

Skills assessment

Conflict situations in the workplace

Difficulties linked to intercultural communication

Work/life balance themes

Burnout, harassment, violence at work,…