Mind full changes

Life is characterized by changes. Our ability to cope with change reflects our psychological flexibility which is a mirror of our mental health. Sometimes we need changes, but it is not clear where and what…and sometimes the smallest change in our daily life can be experienced as dramatic and we can feel stuck.

Mind full changes has the mission to support people with their mind full of changes and believes that an external help can create awareness and a better understanding of what you need to move on your path in a mindful and meaningful way.

Mind full changes was created to provide a confidential, secure and non-judgmental space for people with psychological difficulties. It offers support, psychotherapy, coaching and personal growth trajectories in individual and group setting.

Marie-Julie Dieltjens

Currently I work in Belgium and Czechia in face-to-face and online with expats and equestrians who are experiencing psychological difficulties or willing to work on their self-development. I offer consultations to adolescents and adults. I also work with horses having behavioral difficulties and give advice to their owners.


My approach is humanistic, integrative and mind-body oriented. I want to think about a tailor-made approach for each person according to his or her needs, expectations and feedbacks as we go along.

For me, the relationship is the starting point of all work. I believe in a co-construction work, allowing to draw the path that will allow you to move towards your goals and dreams.

In my practice, I bring an increasing importance to the body because it is the place of our emotions, of our states of stress, of the accumulated energy of unresolved traumas. I believe that a large part of our evolution towards a better well-being goes through the taming of our body.

My approach is inspired by different types of psychotherapy: cognitive-behavioral, psychodynamic, systemic, humanistic, sports psychology, attachment therapy, schema therapy, …

I use tools that have been developed by these different types of psychotherapy, such as visualization, deep relaxation and other types of relaxation, mindfulness meditation, sophrology, … I can also sometimes propose tasks from art therapy or music therapy. All of this depends on the preferences and needs of the individual.

Offer overview


Expat life can be quite challenging and demanding psychologically due to all the changes it provokes.


I provide support to riders, horse owners, horses caretakers and equestrian professionals who are…


I provide tailor-made support and advice for horses that have suffered trauma, have behavioral…


I provide clinical and institutional supervision to organizations. The objective of these supervisions is…

First time


The first contact with a psychologist can take a lot of strength and courage. However, it is normal that it is difficult to take this first step. Talking about your difficulties to someone you don’t know can be frightening.